Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween Activity Pages

Halloween has special happy moment for kids and children to not only enjoy holidays but also experience new activity of coloring, spooky images, black and white printables, ghostly print material and many more Halloween Activity Pages. Such printable activity pages covers worksheets of dot joining, poem reciting, word search, counting and many more.
Printable Halloween Activity PagesHalloween Preschool Activity Pages
Halloween Number Joining Activity PagesHalloween Activity Pages

Halloween Sudoku

Play the logical game of Sudoku by placing these shapes into the grid of 9*9 by not following the same with adjacent 3x3 box. Children enjoy playing Halloween Sudoku to improve their logical reasoning and mathematics. For the Halloween holidays, instead of numbers, certain theme based shapes are used like moon, bat, cat, ghost, skeleton, pumpkin, Frankenstein face and other symbols of evil connection with Halloween.
printable Halloween SudokuHalloween Sudoku WorksheetHalloween Sudoku